Design – Fabrication – Installation

Service #1 Design

Before any work is completed, measurements are needed to draw out a sketch, or a rough drawing of what your project would look like.

Service #2 Fabrication

Granite slabs are on average 7 ft high by 10 ft wide, (this is called a Slab) – Each Slab is extremely heavy. Therefore, granite slabs are cut into smaller sizes, sanded, smoothed, holes cut out, and finally polished before delivery.

Service #3 Installation

Once the Slab is cut into various shapes and sizes needed for your project, our crew delivers, removes old top, clean, and finally installs the new granite.

Final step, is picking up any trash generated by the work.

Why Crown Granite Tops?

As an importer of the finest granite. You are buying directly from the source. NO MIDDLEMAN, Which means more money in your pocket, or the bank, you shouldn’t leave a lot of money in your wallet 😉

Free Estimate.

Give us a Chance to come to your house, business, motel, or hotel and let our friendly team member go over various options and discuss the best solution for you.

Next Steps… is for you to Call us

We hope to hear from you and answer any questions you might have, please feel free to reach out to us.